What do you mean by House on wheels?

Todo vehículo que bien de fábrica o bien adaptado, ha sido acondicionado para su uso como vivienda. Conteniendo como mínimo una cama, ventilación y algo de mobiliario. En VanVanSwap tenemos sitio para todos.

How much does it cost?

Becoming a member of VanVanSwap is FREE. You can contact users, browse for vehicles, organize swaps, download routes created by van users… at no cost! The only optional payment you might want to face is verifying your profile.

Can I register a caravan or motorhome that is permanently located in a campsite?

Of course! Any home on wheels even if it is parked in a facility is welcome on this platform. VanVanSwap accepts and promotes diversity within the community.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Each user / account can only register one vehicle. If you have more vehicles you wish to register you will need to create a different account for each one of them.

Are there different types of users?

No. There is only one type of user. The only differentiation you may find is verification. (For some members it is important to contact and be contacted only by verified users).

What information do I need to create my profile?

Your name and your email address is enough. However, this will not allow you to browse through the listed vehicles nor contact any members. To make full use of our website you are required to accurately complete a certain number of fields that are compulsory. This provides safety to members who are already registered and welcomes members who are genuinely interested in organizing a swap. We recommend you have your vehicle information and some photos at hand when you begin you registration.

What kind of picture should I use as my profile picture?

Trust is the most powerful tool when it comes to arranging an exchange so having a profile picture that you feel represents you well is a very good start.

What pictures of my vehicle should I use?

Bed, living area, bathroom, driver’s seat, storage solutions… Anything that can give members a good idea of what your vehicle looks like. Don’t worry about presenting your vehicle exactly as it is; all vehicles have their charm. This way you will avoid unnecessary surprises later on.

Do I need to show the license plate in the photos?

No, it is not necessary. There is a text field in your profile where you can write your registration information without making it public.

How do I fill in the calendar?

In your personal profile in "preferences". You can: a) Select “open on any date”. By clicking on this option, your entire calendar will appear in green, meaning that your vehicle is available for another user to contact you at any time. b) Leave it blank. With this option you will be indicating that your vehicle is not available on any date and will not appear on any search. c) Mark available dates. By clicking on two different calendar dates, every day between them is filled in automatically in green. These dates will be set as available dates and your vehicle will appear in the search engine. It is understood that if you are leaving unmarked dates (blank) it is because your vehicle is not available and therefore will not appear in other users' searches. Remember that after each change you must click on “update” to save changes.

How do I fill in the travel map?

In your personal profile in "preferences". Click on those countries you want to travel to and you will see that they change from white to green. If you are not sure where you want to travel or do not mind being contacted from anywhere around the world, click on “Open to any destination” so that your vehicle appears in any reverse search. Remember that after each change you must click on “update” to save changes.

How to cancel my account in VanVanSwap?

By sending a request to info@vanvanswap.com indicating that you wish to delete your account.

Who can sign up?

Anyone who owns a “house on wheels” with insurance in force and who is willing to exchange their vehicle with other members.

What is a swap?

A swap is an exchange that two users make of their vehicles for a certain period of time and without any economic transaction. It is therefore an act of goodwill between two or more van owners to enjoy destinations where their own vehicle cannot take them to.

What are the advantages of making an exchange?

There are many advantages! The most obvious one: a significant saving in money. All you need to worry about it getting to your destination. Read more in our blog.

What types of exchanges are available?

There are 2 exchange formulas: - Reciprocal exchange/swap: two users exchange their vehicles with each other for a similar period of time (You use mine and I use yours). This exchange can be: or simultaneous (the exchange occurs at the same time) or non- simultaneous (the exchange occurs on different dates). - Non-reciprocal or points exchange/swap: Users allow their vehicles to be used (without having to return the visit) in exchange for VanVanPoints. These points can later be used for stays in other vehicles or be used in other sections of our website. Find out more about VanVanPoints in our blog.

How do I organize an exchange?

-Contact users: Type in the places you would like to visit in the search bar. Use the filters to narrow down your results. Once you have found what you like, click on the “contact” button to right of each vehicle photo on the list. You can contact as many users as you wish in order to increase your chances of successfully arranging an exchange. - Exchange request: If both parties reach an agreement the next step is to fill a commitment form (optional), detailing the terms and conditions of your swap. - During your stay: Each owner prepares their RV to ensure that their guests feel as welcome as possible during their stay. It would be nice to indicate places to spend the night, must sees, etc. to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. Guests will try to leave the vehicle at the end of their stay in the same condition in which they found it. - Rate the exchange: At the end of the exchange members can rate the experience. These ratings are very important because they provide other members with valuable information and are often an additional way of thanking our exchange partner for a good experience. You can find a history of the reviews you have written and received in your profile.

What is the contract / commitment document?

The contract is a commitment document (optional) that contains all the information agreed upon by users prior to the exchange: dates, vehicles, visitors, etc. It is signed by both parties and helps bring peace of mind to owners.

Do I have an obligation to make the contract when I exchange?

No, you have no obligation. It is an extra service that VanVanSwap offers to increase your trust during an exchange. It is the last step before formalizing the swap.

Why does VanVanSwap offer the contract?

If anything were to happen during an exchange we want you to be as prepared as possible when trying to solve the situation.

What is the price of the contract?

The contract is free.

How do I decide who to exchange with?

As a user of the platform you will receive and exchange messages with different users. You are free to accept, reject requests ... and of course initiate them! It is about finding someone you trust and feel comfortable with in order to reach an agreement for an exchange.

How should I hand over my keys?

There are many ways to hand over the keys: 1. Receive your guests in person (most advisable) 2. Ask a family member or trusted friend to hand over the keys for you 3. Hide the keys in a lock box in the undercarriage of the vehicle Find out more in our blog.

How should I prepare my vehicle for guests?

In terms of preparing your vehicle for guests, we don’t have any specific requirements. How you would like to find the vehicle? Think about cleanliness, oil and engine check, a valid insurance policy, bed linens, car seats for the kids….all the things you have agreed upon with your exchange partner.

What do I do with costs incurred by use (gas, wheels, etc.) and the mileage?

There are no rules here. Both parties should come to an agreement before departure on the subject of mileage and/or any expenses generated during the exchange period. You are free to handle this issue as you see fit.

What happens if my vehicle gets a fine/speed ticket during the swap?

Both parties should come to an agreement before departure on this subject. Having filled our contract/commitment document can avoid any dispute over who is responsible for paying any fines. In certain countries, this document can serve as proof that there was a different driver using the vehicle and consequently have the ticket resent to the other party.

Is my driving license accepted?

Each country is different but most accept an international driver's license. In any case, the person with whom you are going to exchange can help you investigate so that there are no doubts before your trip.

How do I search for an exchange?

Enter a destination in the search bar at the top of the page. You can specify your search criteria such as dates and number of beds… This will provide you with a list of available vehicles that meet your specifications. You can narrow this list down by clicking on “see filters”. You can also search by clicking directly on the map.

How can I add a vehicle to my list of favorites?

Create your own list of members who have the characteristics you are looking for by saving them to your favorites. You just have to click on the heart icon at the bottom of their profile.

How do I find members who want to do an exchange with me?

The reverse search function allows you to look for members who are interested in visiting your city or country. To take advantage of this function use the search bar to the right of the dates. The reverse search function is a great tool for organizing reciprocal exchanges.

Will anyone want to do an exchange with me?

Of course! We can guarantee you there is another van owner willing to continue their road trip adventures on your side of the world! Every van, RV, caravan, campervan…is unique! Be honest in your descriptions and pictures and don't forget to give all kinds of details when you are consulted.

How do I message another member?

Available vehicles will start appearing next to the map. You can directly send them a message by pressing "contact" or if you wish to visit their profile first you will also a contact button there. From that moment on, you can continue all your conversations or check old messages in your personal profile in “messages”.

How do I communicate with users who don’t speak the same language?

Users can use one of the multiple online translators or opt for a more universal language that both parties may know.

Are there any requirements for contacting members?

We take privacy and security very seriously in VanVanSwap. Anybody who wishes to contact members or browse through the listed vehicles is required to have accurately completed a number of fields in their profile and their vehicle’s profile that are compulsory. This provides safety to members who are already registered and welcomes new members who are genuinely interested in organizing a swap.

What is verification?

Verification is an optional service that allows us to confirm a member’s identity and certain characteristics of their vehicle. This means, check that it is a "real" person with a "real" vehicle. In VanVanSwap we take security and privacy very seriously and we understand that for most members this is a must.

What do I have to do to verify your account?

To be a verified member, you must pay a verification fee and upload the following documents to your personal profile: - A proof of identity (photocopy of your ID, driver's license or passport). - The documentation of the vehicle you are listing. - A proof or receipt of the insurance which includes your name and your number plate. Uploading these documents is only possible after the payment has been done.

What does it mean to be a verified user?

It means that VanVanSwap has contrasted the documentation sent by the user and has verified that the name and the vehicle information provided in the website coincide with the information presented in the official documents. VanVanSwap does not check any member or campervan in person.

What are the benefits of being a verified member?

- Increases trust: our team checks both your identity and that of your vehicle, therefore, other members will know that you are dealing with a "real" person with a "real" vehicle. A green check will appear on your profile for others to recognize you as a verified member. - Increases visibility: your vehicle will appear first in search results. - Increases opportunities to exchange

How much does it cost to verify?

It’s a onetime only payment of € 50 and lasts for as long as you wish you have your vehicle listed on this website.

The invoice is not under my name, what should I do?

We take security and privacy very seriously. If the invoice you send us is not under your name, you must also send us a copy of the ID of the person that appears on the invoice.

How long does it take to be verified?

Once the payment is made, documents are verified in short notice.

How can I recognize a verified member?

Verified members are recognized by a green check located in the profile picture and in the vehicle announcement.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

You must repeat the process as your vehicle documents will be different.

What are Vanvanbooks?

VanVanBooks are other members’ travel experiences. Think of them as travel itineraries written for and by fellow van owners. They may include useful tips for your road trip, parking and sleeping locations, alternative routes, important stops you shouldn’t miss and others you can skip, expenses…basically everything we want to know about the place we are going to visit.

How can I get VanVanBooks?

Only members of VanVanSwap can download road trip guides. To download a book you may trade a certain number of your VanVanPoints or exchange it by uploading one of your own road trip guides.

How do I upload one of my own road trip guide?

From the VanVanBooks section within your profile you will find the possibility of uploading books to the platform. Once you upload the document our team will verify that what you have sent is correct and that it meets a minimum set of requirements. You will then be able to exchange it for another book or earn VanVanPoints.

How many points do I get for each book?

It depends on the category (length) of the book: getaway, travel, great trip or great routes. Find out more in our blog.

What requirements are necessary for a road trip guide to be accepted?

The requirements are quite objective. If you say the road trip guide route is about Morocco, the text should speak about that country. For the rest, the text must be a route diary where places of overnight stay and recommendations are indicated.

How can I know if a book is good or not?

You can read a small summary written by the author so you know what to expect from the book. You can also read the opinions of users who have already downloaded the book.

What happens if I don't like the book?

This is a very subjective matter. VanVanSwap only checks that each book contains information about the destination that it advertises and that it contains the features that have been attached in the form.

How is my account taken care of?

When you register you will have to create a secure password that will be encrypted to prevent anyone from entering your account. Data such as your address, your phone number or your email will never be shown. The only part that is public is your name and your vehicle pictures.

How do I change my password?

In your personal profile there is a field called password. If you type there a new password and press “update” your password will automatically be changed.

Is it safe to make payments on the platform?

Yes, in VanVanSwap we want to make sure that members feel safe and protected. Therefore, a secure payment platform has been integrated in our website. To ensure our members’ privacy and safety we also have a SSL certificate.

Is the new European Data Protection Law taken into account in VanVanSwap?

Absolutely. The services of a law firm specialized in this matter have been hired so that all the necessary requirements in relation to Data Protection Law and other legal documents are met.

What responsibility does VanVanSwap have in the different activities of the users on its website?

VanVanSwap is a mere intermediary in the exchange process. We wish to ensure that our members use our services in a responsible way reserving the right to delete the account of a user that does not comply with the conditions and terms of use.

Where can I find the conditions of use?

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the terms of use, the legal terms and the privacy policy where you will find all the relevant aspects of the web. We urge you to read them carefully before registering.

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